LED display on a pole for music festivals. Features a cute pokemon walking!

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Finalized animations

The original pixel art animation was done by the extremely talented Alex Illustration! My wife and I modified the basic animation in Photoshop to make all the other animations!

The animations with transparent (dynamically generated) backgrounds aren’t perfectly re-created here, but you get the idea!

Here they are, sorted by when they were added to the animation pool!


basic-walk rainbow-walk

ABGT Weekender 2019

abgtw eggs head-bob mantyke-bubbles rave-furret

Shambhala 2019

third-eye left-pane center-pane 4-mirror mirror-y-axis heart-eyes shambs-mask shambs-owl basic-walk-upside walkoff-to-moon walkoff-crossing walkoff-upside walkoff-normal

Burning Man 2019

Ran out of time! 😅

Alchemy Tour 2019

CHONK fractally horror minor oface printing wavy outrun

Dreamstate SoCal 2019

synthwave nyanfurret bmo galactic-paralax hue-rotate pika-balloon pika-border starcrafts seattle-trance-family snorlax mantine kirby-umbrella colorful missingno-1 missingno-2 missingno-3 crystal-0 crystal-1 prancer skrunched-face runaround wakeup ditto 6-stack 6-stack-move 24-stack sandwich tail-touch 4-transparent 4 both bottom left right top jump jump-wave vert-mirror vert-mirror-2 sideways-mirror

Resolution 2019

shake hop hop-transparent anjuna anjuna-pulse insta cc-info EMERGENCY eevee spearmint eye-zoom kirby hd-walk side-crunched